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Welcome to the Switchboard, where any topic is fair game as long as no criminal charges are involved and I find it entertaining enough to ponder the questions of life within it and you as a guest or consumer. The format is free form on Topics like energy, waste, media, news, people, music, relationships and centering ones universe.

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                                Call IN!

That's right among other shameful plans, I want you to call me on air to talk, to discus,to be, and to balance our wants and needs vs the realities in which we live.

look for times and the number here when we launch the process.

This will be a one man, one line show, heck we may even want you as a guest.

USA will be tool free.


Bio of Current Host

Currently employed by a known entity

Your current host has worked on Movies, theater, construction, hazardous waste removal, water production and treatment as well as the Oil Fields of Alberta.

Bob brings 40,000 hours of commercial and private tug boat and large vessel operation experience with pride and profound heart of peace on the water.

The ever present list of new horizons,guests and topics continues as your host films, creates and discusses ways for us to move forward or if you feel the need for new life thoughts.

Call In Episode Information

Our Phone number will be on a computer and at the moment the number is single line. The Number is 916-741-3941

The caller if answered will be given the topic or your host will deal with your random but within reason question of life or something akin to it. The show will be about 1-2 hours.

If you get too far off the planet, off subject or deemed a nuisance I might hang up.

You will be notified of the air date and you will not be talking live (YET)



Wednesday May 03, 2023

Wednesday May 03, 2023

On this episode, Bob discusses with Yasmin ( communication issues commonly faced and how understanding people's different communication styles can assist in obtaining common goals. 

Wednesday Apr 26, 2023

Bob West and his wife Yasmin West (aka The Reiki Accountant) discuss their thoughts about AI (Artificial Intelligence) along with some funny stories.

Problem Solving

Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

On this episode I discuss with my wife Yasmin West (aka The Reiki Accountant) various aspects of problem solving. 

Monday Nov 07, 2022

Our life lesson episode of 15 minutes is on the word and life need of engagement.


Sunday Oct 16, 2022

Sunday Oct 16, 2022

In this episode we take a lighthearted view of those who might worship a certain political side. We attempt to get you thinking about a new way of looking at the political circus.

Saturday Oct 01, 2022

On this episode we banter back and forth with our new co-host Yasmin West. Yasmin operates her website which provides energetic healing using Reiki, Scalar & Rife Frequencies. To join our show or make a comment, use any of what you find below.

Saturday Oct 01, 2022

Leadership is our word for today as we progress in our life, life lessons and understanding those around us in troubled times. learn traits and ways to use these skills in your job, life and learn how others may think.
Thank You for Listening

Sunday Sep 25, 2022

You cannot start to balance your life, have real fun or move forward unless you know what you have, and learn what you really need. On some level this need to organize even a little is going to factor in so let's talk about it.

Saturday Sep 17, 2022

A ten minute episode on life balance involving the word meter.

Sunday Sep 11, 2022

A discussion of New Media and Film quality by our host.
Introduction of discussion of relevance of Human Design allowances in Media
Episode Hosted by Robert West

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